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Sights to See

Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram
Situated on the west bank of Sabarmati River, this famous ashram was Gandhi's residence from 1917-1930 during his fight for Indian independence. In 1931 from here he started his famous salt march to Dandi on the Gulf of Cambay. You can experience the serene ambience of the Ashram and see Gandhi’s belongings on display.

Ahmed Shah's Mosque
One of the most famous monuments in Ahmedabad, Ahmed Shah's Mosque is located southwest of Bhadra Fort. One of the earliest mosques in the city, it was built in 1414 and is reminiscent of Hindu and Jain architecture. The beautiful pillars and jalis of the mosque are treat to see.

A popular children’s park in Ahmedabad, Balvatika is a wonderful place to visit with something to entertain your children. Located in a dramatic setting on the banks of Kankari Lake, it offers a whole lot of recreational activities for kids and families.

Bhadra Fort
As you enter this fort through its arched gates, it is like stepping into the medieval period. Built by Ahmed Shah, it was completed in 1413.

Dada Hari Step-well

Built in 1500 AD by Bai Harir Sultani during the reign of Mahmud Shah, this step-well is a famous monument of Ahmedabad. Bai Harir Sultani, locally known as Dada Hari, was the superintendent of the royal harem of Gujarat Sultanate.

Daria Khan’s Ghummat, Geeta Mandir, Hatheesingh Jain Temple, Jumma Masjid, Jhulta Minar (Shaking Minarets), Kankaria Lake, Kochrab Ashram, Rani Rupmati Mosque, Rani Sipri’s Mosque, Sarkhej Rauza, Shah Alam’s Rauza, Siddi Sayyad’s Mosque, Sundervan Snake Park, Swami Narayan Temple, Kalupur and Teen Darwaja are other places of interest in Ahmedabad.

Calico Museum of Textiles, L. D. Institute of Indology, N.C. Mehta Art Gallery, National Institute of Design; Natural History Museum, S. V. Patel National Memorial, Shreyas Folk Art Museum, Tribal Museum, Vechhaar Utensil Museum, Sanskar Kendra, Hussain Doshi’s Gufa are other attractions of Ahmedabad.

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