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Adalaj Vav (19 km):
A popular vacation spot in Gujarat, the place is known for the exquisitely carved and ornamented step wells.

Gandhinagar (25 km):
One of the most planned cities of India; Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, it is home to Akshardham Temple. This intricately carved temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan.

Water World Resort (50 km):
A great family outing, the famous ‘Shanku’s Water Park' is 15 km from Mehsana and has indeed created an enchanted world.

Nalsarovar (60 km) :

Rich in avian population, Nal Sarovar is a natural lake covering an area of over 116 sq km. Important and most commonly spotted migratory avians at Nalsarovar are Rosy Pelicans, White Storks, Flamingoes, Herons and Brahminy Ducks.

Mehsana (64 km):
The place is famous for the palace of the Maharaja of Baroda which now houses Govt. offices. One of the largest cities in North Gujarat is also known for many temples and mosques.

Lothal (80 km):
An excavated Harappan site dating as far back as the 2nd millennium BC. It is the largest and the only full-fledged Harappan town in India

Modhera (106 km):
One of the three main temples dedicated to the Sun God ‘Surya’. The Modhera Sun temple though now in ruins is an imposing structure and is considered the best specimen of Solanki art and architecture.

Siddhpur (115 km):
It is a famous pilgrim centre for Hindus with several temples.

Shamlaji (126 km):
The place is home to an exquisitely carved Vaishnav Temple whose presiding deity is Shamlaji or the ‘dark one’ one aspect of Lord Krishna.

Patan (133 km):
Patan has many beautiful Jain temples and carved wooden houses. Ran-ki vav, intricately carved step well represents Solanki architecture at its height.

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary (190 km):
Located 5 km away from Palanpur, this sanctuary is famous for the sloth bear, sambar, nilgai, wild bear and a variety of birds.

Palanpur (142 km):
It is known for its perfumeries. Off the Abu-Palanpur Highway is the Balaram Palace Resort, (Heritage).

Ambaji (207 km):
Ambaji is dedicated to the worship of shakti and is one of the most popular pilgrim centres in Gujarat.

Kumbharia (185 km):
This is a Jain pilgrim centre known for its exquisitely carved temples.

Vadnagar (108 km):
One of the ancient towns of Gujarat, the place is home to Hakteshwar Mahadev.

Mahudi (77 km):
The place is famous for a Jain temple dedicated to Vir Ghantakarna.

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