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Ethiopia Seeks Assistance from India to Promote Tourism

The visiting State Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia, Mrs. Tadelech Dalcho has sought India’s assistance in promoting tourism in her country. Mrs. Dalcho called on Tourism Secretary Shri R.H.Khwaja, here today. She showed keen interest in India’s tourism activities and inquired about various activities of the Ministry of Tourism.

Shri Khwaja referred to the age-old historical and cultural ties between the two countries. He said India and Ethiopia enjoy warm and cordial relations in political, commercial, cultural and other areas. He also suggested exchange of visits of representative of Travel and Tour operators between the two countries for promotion of tourism.

India Tourism office located in Sourth Africa is responsible for promoting India as a tourist destination in Ethiopia. The office provides brochure support to local tour operators and carry out joint advertising with tour operators/ Airlines in Ethiopia. In the year 2010, 3797 tourists arrived from Ethiopia, while the figure for 2008 and 2009 was 3306 and 3936 respectively.


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