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Scheme for Driver’s Training Lauched Under Hunar Se Rozgaar Initiative

Pursuing its commitment to create employable skills in tourism and hospitality sector, the Ministry of Tourism has launched a Scheme providing for the training of drivers. The Scheme is part of the Ministry’s larger initiative namely Hunar Se Rozgaar. The Scheme now launched draws upon the fact that drivers with skill and in adequate number are essential for sustaining tourism, and that in India where tourism is expected to emerge as a key economic driver, driving as an avocation has large employment potential.

As in all the programmes and schemes launched as part of Hunar Se Rozgaar initiative, the Scheme now launched has a distinct leaning for youth belonging to economically weaker strata of the society. Open to young men and women in the age group of 18 to 28 years who are atleast 10th pass, the Scheme has the first preference for persons belonging to BPL category. The Scheme, by subjecting eligibility to an economic criterion, explicitly bars those who have the wherewithal to afford this training.

The training will have two distinct aspects: i) training to impart driving skills, and ii) etiquette training. The former will be of duration of 45 hours though the training on a day will not exceed 3 hours. The latter – etiquette training – will be conducted concurrently for 3 days from 11 am to 5 pm.

The Scheme will be delivered by the State Governments and the UT Administrations, which will select the driving schools following a transparent system. Applications for the training programmes will be invited through open press advertisements.

The Central Institutes of Hotel Management in the State / UT will conduct the etiquette training under over-all supervision of the State Government / UT Administration. Certificates to trainees who successfully complete the training course will be awarded by the State Governments /UT Administration concerned.

The Scheme will be funded by the Ministry of Tourism to cover the cost of training, certification, lunch and nominal stipend to the trainees, and administrative arrangement as per standard norm. The funds will be placed at the disposal of the State Governments / UT Administrations which in turn will pay the training institutes.

The State Governments / UT Administration will take effective measures to facilitate employment of the pass-outs. This will include a campus interview at the Institute of Hotel Management on the concluding day of each training course.
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