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Royal Calcutta Golf Club-Calcutta


The Royal Calcutta Golf Course was founded in 1829 and is the oldest golf course in the world, outside the British Isles. It is an 18 hole, PAR 72 course with a distance of 6,827 yards for the ladies and 7,189 yards for the men. In 1911 King George V and Queen Mary conferred the "Royal# title to the club name.

Greens at Royal are small by modern standards, but undulations make them tricky, and there is a little nap. The tenth fairway contains two large tanks that require near perfect shots in order to maintain PAR. At first glance the course appears to be easy but the PAR 4s require long drives and a fair amount of skill. The club is open the entire year and also offers a bar and dining facilities, a swimming pool, billiards, bowling, and tennis.

The Royal Calcutta Golf Course is just another of Indias exciting and diverse golf courses. It has its own unique environment which will not be found in other courses.

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