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  1. Exp India



    A myriad expressions of India’s heritage and traditions

  • History

    India’s dynamic history is, in a sense, a microcosm of human history itself

  • Geography

    The awe-inspiring scale and diversity of India’s terrain

  • Understanding India

    A single aspect about India that cannot be disputed is its plurality. India represents a unique mixture of ethnic groups, myriad languages, varieties of topography and climate, a profusion of religions and cultural practices, and a range of levels of economic development. It is an ageless civilisation, the birthplace of four major religions, where 17 major languages and 22,000 dialects are spoken. It has 51 percent literacy, yet it has the world’s largest pool of scientists and engineers. India is more than the sum of its contradictions, and there exists not just one India but many Indias. What better way to gain an understanding of this complex and contradictory country than through its culture and traditions?

  • Cuisine

    Pamper your palate with exotic, diverse Indian cuisine


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