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Gokarna Golf Course Karnataka


The Gokarna Golf Club was established in 1999. It measures 6,715 yards and a PAR 72, 18 hole course of sheer perfection. Gokarna Forest Resort is rated as South Asia's finest and one of the world's most spectacular Golf Courses resort. Crafted by lead architect David Mclay Kidd, assisted by Director of Turf-grass Management, James Kidd, under the direction of Gleneagles Golf Developments.

The course is set in Gokarna Forest undulation dog legged greens which wander away amongst lust 100 years old up from your tee shot here. The only Bent Grass Greens in South Asia makes it one of the highlights of the professional tour circuits in the region. It has soft cushions of local. Bermuda fairways. The serenity and settings are overwhelming with Winding streams, wandering hills and valleys opening to a holy river's plain which makes it very spectacular.

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