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Eagleton Golf Resort -Bangalore


The Eagleton Golf Course is just half an hours' drive along the Bangalore Mysore highway The Golf Village, a 500acre spread of land that combines nature and modern day amenities to give you a recreational & residential complex.

The magnificent golf course at Eagleton fulfils a dual purpose. It presents every golfer with the appropriate level of enjoyment and challenge. And, equally important, it creates a permanent ecological oasis, enhancing the image of the Garden City. Like the Old Course at St. Andrews, which preserves the Scottish Link lands for posterity, Eagleton seeks to honour and accentuate the natural setting. Ecological factors come into play at every stage. Over 20,000 trees, lush turf and sophisticated fertilization, irrigation and waste water management measures contribute to a natural pleasing biosphere. Being the first of its kind in India, Eagleton has a 18hole, 72par US PGA standard golf course designed by M/s Pacific Coast Designs Pty. Ltd offering almost all leisure and entertainment activities and an expansive residential enclave offering 1400 plots/designer villas.

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