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Coimbatore Golf Club-Tamil Nadu


The Coimbatore Golf Club is in operation since the year 1977 and it is an 18 hole, PAR 72 course. The yards for the ladies are 5,930 and 6,973 for the men. The course began with only four browns but has grown into the eighteen hole green course that you see today. The main person behind this big endeavor of bringing quality golf to Coimbatore goes to Coimbatore Industrialist K.Rajagopal of the Lakshmi Mills Group.

The club is located in the foothills of the beautiful Nilgiri mountains range and has more than 50 species of birds and several peacocks which call the area home. The Coimbatore Golf Club now plays host to a number of professional golf tournaments.

Facilities at the club include a snack bar with tea or coffee, a driving range, and a pro shop, swimming pools, bowling alleys, billiard pool clubs, and tennis courts. For the children there is a mini zoo and an amusement park. Black Thunder is a water sport attraction which is fairly new and located next to the course.

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