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Aamby Valley Golf Course-MUMBAI


Aamby Valley Golf course has been designed by David Hemstock and associates (UK) and upgraded and remodeled for championships by PGA DC of Great Britain and Ireland. The golf course has been voted the best golf for India for the year 2004.

05. The course is fully flood lit and is a sheer visual delight. Situated at 2,700 feet above sea level, it is surrounded by the range of the Western Ghats.

In a few words, Aamby Valley Golf Course is a marvel of British golf architecture waiting to be conquered by those who value challenges, pristine outdoors, constantly changing conditions, and a variety that really defines the essence of this wonderful game called golf.

Aamby Valley Golf course is 7030 yards long and uses the natural terrain of the Sahyadri ranges. The unique feature of the course is the difference in character between the holes in the front 9 which have a series of river valleys crossing the course and the back 9 holes are interspersed with lakes. The course has a minimum risk and reward must be decided upon.

The golf course has Restaurants / Accommodation available, Practice facilities; Golf lessons Swimming Pool, Water Sports, Tennis Courts, and Horse Riding

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