Explore the pristine village teeming with spice gardens, fruit orchards, birds and animals, coconut groves, evergreen forests…Tribal life and quaint dwellings will take transport you to a primeval world. For wildlife lovers, there is a lot of animal spotting on the anvil… Indian Wild Gaur, Sambar deer, Mouse deer, Wild Boar, Jungle Pheasants, Malabar squirrel, Monitor Lizard, mongoose, Palm Civet, different species of snakes, butter flies…

You may embark on a full-fledged spice tour in south India. The spice tourism circuit connects Kerala's principal gateway, Kochi, through four other spice sites - Kalady and Anakkara in Kerala, and Thadiyankudisai and Kurangani in Tamil Nadu - with Madurai, the celebrated citadel of Tamil culture. The circuit is a repository of diverse life support systems and reveals the secrets of cultivation, processing and marketing of the spices as well as a number of crops native to the area.

The tribal community worships a number of deities and traditional places of worship dot the countryside. Besides, a plethora of activities are in the offing, such as trekking, or honey collection and spice processing. The local folk are experts in herbal medicine as well.
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