“Who needs a time machine to go back in time! Simply take a walk down my alley …”

Trees that seem to kiss the sky, shrubs and plants that hold the secret of health, aromas from the exotic spice gardens and fruit orchards, perennial rivers and brooks, and quaint dwellings from days of yore…

Thadiyankudisai is a pristine village that stirs nostalgia for the bygone world. The ancient Pandaya Tamil culture of traditional hospitality is still alive in this tribal land situated in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India. Learn of tribal life, their religious and cultural beliefs, and of their evocative musical traditions….

Thadiyankudisai is one of the major spice producing centres in the Kodaikanal block of Dindigul district, and coffee is the main crop. Another attraction is the honey harvested from the evergreen forests, which is rich in medicinal value. Nature calls out the adventurers to partake in her bounty and also relish it from close quarters… a hands-on experience in honey collection and coffee seed roasting is simply delightful!

The Paliar tribal community subsists on forest produce. Avocado, cardamom, pepper, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, mandarin orange, pineapple, jack fruit, banana and coffee (base crop for multi-cropping) are the thriving cultivations. The village is teeming with diverse flora and fauna as well.
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