Sualkuchi is the pivot of Assam's silk industry. Weaving drives this hamlet with nearly 80 per cent of the families owning a traditional loom while the remaining modern looms. Natural golden, glossy, fine textured - the exquisite trio of golden Muga, white Pat and warm Eri exemplifies the indigenous genre of Assam silk talented weavers who have been able to carve out a name of their village in the international sphere.

Traditional cotton handloom is another mainstay of Assam weaving. Mekhala chador and Gamchas, the prominent regional attire, can be seen being woven here. Home woven cloth is worn by all and communities are in fact distinguished by the unique designs and motifs in the weave.

Besides weaving people are engaged in handicrafts like basket making, hand fan making from bamboo, etc. Assamese Jaapi, traditional umbrella prepared with some leaves and bamboo, is a popular item too.

The forests of Assam are richly stocked with bamboos and canes. Bamboo is a raw material of great versatility and forms an integral part of local lifestyle and economy. Bamboo products are extensively used and crafted throughout the rural belt of this region.
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