A camel ride in Samode is a singular kind of adventure. On a pace that compliments their style, the camels take the visitors on a leisurely ride along the Aravalli foothills, weaving their way through a treasure trove of artisan workshops - from lacquerware to carpets. Soak in the landscape dotted with ancient havelis, bawadis (stepwells), cenotaphs and temples, while the tourist guide entertains you with stories of the great royal past.

The 400 years old Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) with its unique architecture and the famous bagh (garden) is a must-see feature mentioned in all tourist guides, and is in fact remarkable in its construction and adornments. Samode Palace, about 10 km from the village, is one of the charming and romantic edifices in Rajasthan, which has been converted to a heritage hotel.

The village walkways are inhabited by various craft communities engaged in block printing, lac work-bangles, weaving of carpets, traditional and modern silver jewellery, stone and paper painting, gem stone cutting, pottery, traditional jooti-making (shoe making) and metal works.

Farmhouses, traditional agricultural farming and cattle milking process are also facets of tourist interest.

Rajasthan called 'kalbelias'. Rajasthani bards and musicians with their vibrant attire sand unusual musical instruments provide one of the best evenings one can have in India. The instruments include one-stringed fiddles, country violins, bagpipes made out of goatskin, castanets, Jew's harps, and even a one stringed instrument made out of a dried gourd. The villagers sing with plaintive abandon under the starry desert sky.

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