The village streets are inhabited by various craft communities engaged in diverse crafts such as block printing, weaving of carpets, stone and paper painting, gem stone cutting pottery, traditional jooti-making, metal works and lac work-bangles.

Vibrant lacquer (popularly called Lac) bangles offer a befitting contrast to the desert state of India. Embellished, in most cases, with glass chatons, these bangles are made of Lac, which is the sap collected from a banyan tree. It is dried, coloured and flattened before being moulded into lovely trinkets. Artists here are adept in the detailed craftsmanship of miniature paintings, done on old paper with natural dyes. Intricacy finds a new meaning in these miniatures that celebrate the valour of the erstwhile Maharajas and the opulence of Mughal court life.

In the royal past, metal crafts were used to embellish the royal armour. Now the metal work artisans decorate tabletops, wall plates, silver animal figures, caparisoned elephants with human figures over a howdah (a musical instrument) etc.

Floor coverings like carpets, hand-woven durries or soft woolen druggets are crafted in Samode and other villages of Rajasthan for export all over the world. The jootis (embroidered footwear) are very popular item of this region. The leather is beaten, tanned and dyed, and patterns are made on it by punching and gouging it. Later it is studded and sequined, embroidered and stitched to create the appealing look.

A visit to Samode cannot be considered complete without a musical evening of folk dances and songs. A few households belong to the famous dancing community of
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