You look not once, you turn to look again and yet again, and every time the view only lures you more…”

Riding a camel through Samode’s alleys, hobnobbing on an easy pace, discover true rapture as your eyes begin to wander… a yonder lying fort slowly reveals intricacies in craftsmanship – ornate windows and frescoes… lower your eyes and there lies a grand assortment of colourful artefacts; people smile at you like old friends do, and somewhere in between you catch a glimpse of the boundless sweeping desert – the sand dune gently kisses the horizon… and the moment of rapture is complete. The happy trio - you, the camel and the guide - moves on leisurely in search of yet many unseen treasures that lie in the alley ahead.

Such is the magic of Samode village that is tucked around a low-lying outcrop of the Aravali hills on one of the gateways to Shekhawati region - the well known tourist circuit in Rajasthan. Vibrant is the essence of all things here and colour is the expression…

Stay in a local home, share the patterns of daily life and be introduced to Samode's crafts and craftspeople, or experience a farm stay on the outskirts of Samode, where the rural lifestyle includes agriculture and cattle rearing…all this backed by legendary Rajasthani hospitality and great meals!
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