There is an adage that the air in Raghurajpur breeds artistry…and it does! Undoubtedly, the craft traditions of this village stand unparalleled. Though Pattachitra Folk paintings done on cloth of varied sizes, specially prepared with a paste of tamarind seeds and powdered chalk. Such a treatment makes it parchment-tough and lends a kind of a leathery finish. Using delicate brushes, the intricate outlines of the painting are drawn, which are filled in with earth and stone colours to create pictures inspired from Indian mythology and folklore. The tradition of Pattachitra is closely linked with the worship of Lord Jagannath; the main manifestation of Lord Vishnu worshipped in the renowned Puri temple. The village gives a rare opportunity to buy a Pattachitra at a reasonable price. is the mainstay of Raghurajpur's artistic brilliance, other art forms such as palm leaf engravings, stone and wood carvings, paper mache toys, masks, wood carvings, wooden toys and cow dung toys etc are as integral a part of the heritage of Raghurajpur.

Their skills are passed down from one generation. Though the art was originally inspired by religious themes, the artists have responded to changing demands and have begun to handle secular subjects with the same finesse.
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