The folk life of Pranpur is an incredible embodiment of secularism. All along its length and breadth, Bundelkhand is richly studded with religious centres, historical sites, monuments and forts. A vivid, rich and colourful cultural fabric is manifested in the diverse folk dances, music, songs, art, architecture and, of course, the fairs and festivals.

Fairs and festivals: Traditional and local festivals are celebrated across the year at Pranpur. Nag Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, Janmasthami, Dushera, Deepavali, Shiv Ratri, Makar Sankranti and Holi are the main Hindu festivals celebrated in Bundelkhand. While Hindu festive occasions are celebrated the way they are usually done in north India, the savouries cooked at home, and decorations done, are quite unique to the region. There are also several sub-regional and tribal variations.

Several local religious cults exist in Bundelkhand independent of mainstream Hindu religious tradition. Many folk arts have evolved around regional festivals, such as 'Navami' drawings and designs made on the occasion of Kajri Navami in the monsoons.

Folk art: Central India, home to the Malwa plateau, recounts glorious history interlaced with the valour of Bundela Rajputs, the Delhi and Malwa Sultans, early Moghuls and the Marathas. Over the centuries, a rich and diverse tradition of song and dance emerged across the region.

Hori or Phag is sung in the spring and is appropriately romantic and sensual, Kajri is sung in the monsoons, Sohar is sung on the occasion of the birth of a child, Raee dance is performed by women dancers as well as men during Dushera, Diwari dances are performed during Deepavali by acrobatic male groups holding long poles and dressed in very colourful and unusual attire. Apart from these there are many other occupation and caste-specific folk art forms as well.

Accompanying instruments include percussion instruments like the dholak, nagadiya and pakhawaj; string instruments like the one-string tambura; wind instruments like the flute and shennai; and several rare instruments like the algoja, a double flute.

Cusine: There is nothing available on the web on the cuisine of Bundelkhand region. The MP cuisine can be included, but not reliable.
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