The textile prowess of this picturesque village is fascinating! Rhythmic sounds of looms and spools of bright colours draw in the visitor to weavers' homes to witness the delicate weaving of the Chanderi fabric Pranpur is renowned for its most exquisite product, the gossamer thin Chanderi saree. Famed is the tana-bana weaving style of these sarees, with intricate nature-inspired motifs and pastel colours. Hand-woven with great artistry and fringed with beautiful borders, the feel and sophistication of the fabric is beyond compare. ; a first hand encounter with the master weavers is very insightful.

Over the years, Chanderi sarees have undergone many changes. The handspun yarn, which gave the fabric its gossamer quality, has been replaced by imported silk in the warp and by mill-made cotton thread or unboiled silk in the weft. Visitors with a penchant for collecting authentic art have an added lure of taking back a part of India’s glorious textile tradition as epitomised in the much sought after Chanderi.

Apart from weaving, traditional crafts such as metal casting, bamboo weaving, stone cutting and pottery are also practiced here. Few, counted families has retained the tradition of metal casting. Churning out finest pieces with an evident tribal twist, the skilled artists are more inclined towards heavy ornaments, as once fancied by the erstwhile Rajput kings and families, and now a by the local tribes and surrounding communities!
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