“Nature and culture spin magic. Come under the spell…”

The wealth, beauty and art of a rustic life converge at this artistic village in the heart of Central India. The simple pastoral rhythms of life find expression in a variety of arts and crafts, especially the unmatched silk tapestry being woven here for centuries. The greater part of the village population is part of the weaver community that is engaged in the production of the Chanderi fabric Pranpur is renowned for its most exquisite product, the gossamer thin Chanderi saree. Famed is the tana-bana weaving style of these sarees, with intricate nature-inspired motifs and pastel colours. Hand-woven with great artistry and fringed with beautiful borders, the feel and sophistication of the fabric is beyond compare. . A visit to Pranpur is all about getting a glimpse into the everyday life of weavers, dyers, potters and metal casters.

Apart from a wealth of artistic attributes, Pranpur is endowed with natural beauty as well; hills, lakes, forests, meadows, groves, streams, echoing craigs, steep rocks, dense forests and waterfalls rekindle the romance in life. The strategic location of Pranpur on the borders of Malwa and Bundelkhand Pranpur is blessed with the unique socio-cultural heritage of Bundelkhand region in central India. A land rich in history, culture and lore, Bundelkhand is a semi-arid plateau that encompasses 12 districts of northern Madhya Pradesh (MP) and 5 districts of southern Uttar Pradesh (UP). gives it the sobriquet of the 'Gateway of Bundelkhand'. As far back as the 11th century, Chanderi was a focal position on the trade routes of central India.
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