Pochampally offers a rare glimpse into the artisan households where the Ikkat fabric is created with an unrivalled acumen. Shopping for Ikkat fabric is another great way to explore and interact. Most of Pochampally's local folk are involved in the production or selling of Ikkat fabrics.

Chenetha Gurukulam's experienced Gurus offer in-depth orientation on Ikkat to the interested tourists through short-term as well as long-term training programmes. Swamy Ramananda Thirtha Rural Institute (SRTRI) provides computer-aided weaving design services, in addition to vocational training to rural youth. It also offers budget accommodation and training facilities for the interested.

Pochampally is closely associated with Acharya Vinoba Bhave Bhoodan Movement or Land Gift Movement was a voluntary land reform movement started by Acharya Vinoba Bhave from Pochampally on 18 April 1951. The idea was to persuade wealthy landowners to voluntarily give a percentage of their land to lower castes. Bhave walked across India on foot and made a historic impact. As an experiment in voluntary social justice, the Bhoodan stands as an example for the world. and Vinobha Mandir is an important landmark here; statues of Acharya Vinobha Bhave and the first land donor, Sri Ramchendra Reddy, along with a Bhoodan Stupam, stand as reminders of Acharya's greatness.

A beautiful lake offers angling and boating opportunities to visitors. The Tourism Complex houses an Ikkat weaving museum, amphitheatre, cafeteria and lush green lawns. Other places of tourist interest include Ramoji Film City, Venkateswara Padmavathi Temple and Mount Opera. The 101 Darwaja Haveli (Palace) is an interesting antique structure in which the doorways outnumber the age of this monument; the almost 100-year old building boasts of 101 doors!

Pochampally is a home to a number of religious places of significance. These include Markandeya Temple, famed for being the abode of the main deity of the weaving community. Sri Laxminarayana Temple, a 16th century temple of Lord Vishnu, is the venue for the Sahasra Deeparadhana (worshipping with one thousand and eight lamps) in October or November. Truly, a feast for the eyes!

Basavalingeswara Temple is a highly revered 300-year old temple of Lord Shiva. Mahammayamma Temple's Rathostavam Jatra (Chariot Carnival) in February unfurls Pochampally's full glory.

A tribute to peerless building traditions of yore, the Ayyappa Swamy Temple constructed in 2004, at the entrance of the village, showcases the arduous efforts of modern day local artisans to seamlessly create a flawless masterpiece. The temple explodes with devotees during Ayyappa Deeksha (austere practice with devotion for a certain period) in December-January.
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