Cuisine: The staple daily diet comprises rice, dal (lentils) and fresh vegetables. Popular delicacies include Roti (bread) made of Jowar (millet) flour along with cucumber-based vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies like lamb meat curry, country chicken curry and fries. Sweets such as Boorelu (stuffed sweet bread) and Taadkal Pasham (made of mix of rice flour, wheat flour, milk and jaggery) are famous.

A heady concoction, also nutritious, called Neera or Toddy (palm wine) is prepared with great gusto in Andhra Pradesh. It is made of unfermented palm sap. The lithe tappers effortlessly climb the palm trees to collect pots filled with a sweet tasting white sap; while still fresh from the tree it is called 'Neera' and thereafter Toddy.

Festivals: Pochampally manifests its strong cultural and rural flavours through its festivals and fairs. Batakamma Panduga is a grand affair, popular for its festive folk performances and traditional songs. Celebrated in October, this is an all women festival in which the deity 'Batakamma' (Goddess of Life and Energy) is decorated with colourful flowers and worshipped. At the close of the festival, which spans 7 to 9 days, a procession is carried out and the statue of the deity is immersed in water.

Bonalu is another major festival for villagers in which the women folk seek blessings for the good health of the entire village. Women carry colourful pots containing sweet rice on their heads.

Traditional Ugadi (Telugu New Year), Ganesh Chaturdhi, Utla Panduga (Krishnastami), Dasara, Diwali, Sankranti (Pongal) are other festivals celebrated elaborately in the area. Oggukatha (story telling) is an important oral tradition of the village.
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