An encounter with the arts and crafts at Nepura leads the visitor to experience being the artisan – literally! Known for its tradition of Tussar Silk weaving, Nepura offers the best opportunity to watch the production of silk and buy it for personal use, as well as get a hands-on experience in weaving it under the guidance of an expert. About fifty families here have retained the art of pit loom weaving and thigh reeling, which is rooted in the Buddhist times. The weavers produce myriad designs of fine fabric, which is then tailored by trained women.

Tussar silk is derived from a special variety of cocoons raised from the revered trees of Sal and Arjun. Tussar silk or Kosa silk is valued for its purity and texture as it is available naturally in shades of gold-pale, dark, honey, tawny, beige, creamy, etc The true beauty of Tussar may be appreciated through a guided tour of sericulture and silk processing: weaving cycle from the cocoon to the fabric stage. In fact, this village is blessed with all the attributes of a rural economic unit.
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