Nagarnar offers something for everyone! Whether a nature lover or a culture buff or a wildlife enthusiast or simply a visitor with diverse interests, this village opens up a whole range of novel experiences. Even a laid back walk through the village opens the window to unique sights and indigenous experiences, a befitting introduction to tribal culture and traditions.

Besides the tribal flavour, there is exotic flora and fauna; caves, forests and waterfalls; palaces and museums; and places of religious importance, all within a radius of 200 kms from Jagdalpur, the district centre (18 km from Nagarnar). The forest of Keshkal is worth a special mention.

Chitrakoot waterfall, situated at a distance of 50 km from Jagdalpur, is one of the finest waterfall in India, often compared to the Niagra Falls in Canada/ United States. Tirathgarh waterfall, 32 km from Jagdalpur, is another popular tourist attraction in Bastar.

For wildlife buffs, the Kanger Valley National Park (27 km from Jagdalpur). Bairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Indravati National Park would offer great sights. Besides natural wonders, the princely states of Kawardha and Kanker, Nagarnar and Narayanpur are also worth a visit.
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