Nagarnar is a treasure trove of traditional craft products. Local weaving techniques, carpentry, metal craftsmanship and the world-famous terracotta work are the celebrated crafts of this village.

Visitors can purchase artefacts directly from the artisans while observing the production processes from close quarters. Admirable craftsmanship is notable in mediums such as bell metalThe bell metal work is the popular craft in the Nagarnar area of Bastar in Chhattisgarh. The process involves making a mould with a thread drawn from bee wax, between two layers of clay. Molten metal is then poured into the mould and the wax drained out. The method, called Ghadawa or Dhokra, is used to make idols. and wrought iron. Wrought iron artefacts are made using traditional techniques and incorporate both classical and contemporary designs. Ornamental pieces made from single pieces of iron, without welding, fit the bill as perfect souvenirs.

Almost the entire rural belt is synonymous with pottery making, practiced by the local craftsman since centuries. The rural life itself is incomplete without utility ware such as the matkas (round vessels to carry and store water).
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