“Through artistic endeavours, I set in motion a joyous exploration of life…”

Epitomising the tribal craftsmanship of India, this quaint village is situated in the heart of the tribal belt in central India. This is a tribal haven, with each nook and cranny exuding joy owing to the delightful peculiarities in livelihood, attire, cuisine, building styles etc. Calmness pervades the alleys and the blissful environs find an expression on the cheerful faces of the host community.

Nagarnar village is a conglomeration of around ten hamlets, which are linked through mud paths across fields. The village is especially known for the bell metal work and terracotta handicrafts prepared by the tribal artisans, and this makes souvenir shopping a very interesting affair! Nagarnar presents a holistic culture steeped in timeless traditions...
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