The scenic beauty of rolling hills, forest and lake may be enjoyed on foot, cycle or aboard a boat. A guided cycling tour is the best way to go exploring on land while a boat ride on the sprawling lake is ideal way to explore the nearby islands. Rock climbing, trekking, fishing are adventures offered by the undulating environs surrounding the village.

A short stroll takes you to the confluence of the Kangsabati and Kumari rivers, not far from the historical site - Pareshnath Hill. Ancient stone images of Parsvanath Swami (Jain God), made of chlorite stone, and Lord Shiva (Hindu God) await discovery at the top of Pareshnath Hill. Within a short distance is Ambikanagar, an ancient centre of Jain culture. Here, the remnants of the Royal Palace provide interesting historical insights on King Raicharan Dhabal Deb, a revolutionary freedom fighter.

About 2 kms from the lake is the Bangopalpur Reserve Forest, a home to many species of flora and fauna. There is also a deer park by the side of the water reservoir. The island of Banpukuria Mrigadab, teeming with Mahua, Kendu and Palash trees, is a must-see. A round boat trip to Banpukuria Mrigadab and back takes around four hours.

The village also presents great opportunities to delve into the rich folk culture and interesting craftsmanship. Song, dance and festivity are integral part of the lifestyle of the Santal and Munda tribal folk. Tourists have an opportunity to appreciate and learn about the craft, culture and heritage of the host community.
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