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Perhaps the best picnic spot in the state of West Bengal, Mukutmanipur is home to the second biggest earth dam in India. The village environs are a striking combination of rolling land, natural vegetation, lake and tribal hamlets. Toss up oodles of fun and frolic with rock climbing, trekking, river crossing, and leisurely activities like fishing and country boat rides. Rivers, hills and jungles are calling… go for it!

The signature view of Mukutmanipur is a large water-body with the surrounding greens, heaving gently away from the tribal hamlets. The water reservoir was created by construction of a 12 km long earthen dyke across the confluence of two rivers - Kangsabati and Kumari. A couple of verdant green islands of varying size including one with a deer park and also the lush Banpukuria Mrigadab, beckon in the distance. Boating across to these islands is an invigorating experience. Steeped in rich bio-diversityFlora and fauna thrive in the undulating forested landscape. Trees like Sal, Mahul (Mahua), Palash, Sonajhuri Bhela, Piyal, Kusum, Arjun, Kendu constitute the sacred groves of the tribal communities. The hills and trees are the abode of small animals, birds and insects. Different types of fish and tortoise are found in the dam water. Forest and trees are closely associated with the life of the Santal and Munda community of this area. Trees, flowers and grass are protected and revered owing to the totemic value bestowed on them by the tribal folk., the tranquil environs of Mukutmanipur region are best enjoyed from close quarters.

The site is marked by the prominent hillock (200 mtrs approx.), locally named Baroghutu (Baro: twelve, ghutu: stones/hill). The tribal hamlets of Baroghutu, Jambeda, Kumorbahal, Dhagora and Mukutmanipur encircle the hillock. The peak of the hillock offers a magnificent panoramic view of the lake, village settlements and forest trails. With a landscape that seems naturally designed for adventure, Mukutmanipur offers adventures galore, such as rock climbing, trekking and a variety of water sports.
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