It is simply a delight to walk around this tiny yet enticing village and watch the tribal communityThe Mana community, a tribe of the Indo-Mongolian race, dates its origin 500-700 years back and is linked to several legends. The Veda and Purana texts are believed to have been written here. It is also said that the Mahabharata was written here in the Vyas Gufa, named after the ancient Indian mystic, Rishi Vyas. The Bhutia women are the real keepers of the indigenous knowledge of making herbal medicine and natural dyes. busy in their daily humdrum.... Women with tea baskets strapped on their back collect wild herbs or knit colorful jerseys, weave carpets and blankets, while men tend the yaks under a watchful eye not far from the Tibet border, play carom or cards.

The backdrop of the village is rugged with towering mountain faces and the community's dwelling idiom consists of stone cottages, single or double storeyed, mud plastered with slate-tiled sloping roofs, built into the hillside, some with carved wooden window and doorway facades.

Just 3 km from Mana is the Badrinath Shrine, one of the oldest and most revered pilgrimages of India. Mana is also a base point for a range of varied experiences, such as short excursions to Vyas Gufa (cave), Ganesh Gufa, Bhim Pul (bridge) and Vasundhara Falls, which are all places linked to the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Many of the devotees visiting Badrinath come to Mana to offer prayers at these places.

Another celebrated attraction at Mana is India's Last Tea Shop in the region overlooking the narrow valley through which the river Ganga's main tributary, the Alaknanda flows.

Nature lovers may also visit the Valley of Flowers and Hem Kund Sahib, both extremely popular tourist spots. Adventure seekers can opt for treks and mountaineering expeditions in and around Kalindi Khal, Saraswati and Dhauli valleys. One can also try winter skiing and the Garhwal-Kumaon road safari via the Pindar valley.
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