A walk in the village and the vicinity is a scenic adventure. The backdrop of the village is a mist-covered peak of a verdant hill peeping out curiously at the visitors and the villagers. Kurangani region is a sea of ridges and mountain peaks separated by valleys filled with virgin forests of silver oak and eucalyptus and various plantations like tea, coffee and cardamom. Depending on the season, beautiful birds and butterflies, endangered flora and fauna like Slender Loris, may be spotted.

Trekking trails are available from Kurangani to Top Station (16 Kms) via Central Station and Muthuvakkudi. Soaring mountain peaks en route Top Station make up for great views. Another trekking route is Pulikuthi, a 20-km trek suitable for bird-watchers. A trek to the precipitous ledge atop Kurangani called Kolukkumalai, considered one of the highest tea estates in the world at a height of 8,782 feet, is another exciting option.
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