The traditional craft in Kumbalanghi that has been practiced for generations is the art of making the traditional boats with chisel and hammer. Stop by on your morning stroll and watch the boats being made.

There are two small plants in Kumbalanghi where coconut oil is extracted. Given the abundance of coconut trees, this activity is hard to miss. A bottle of fresh coconut oil is a tempting buy.

Kumbalanghi is home to skillful embroiderers, who are glad to make patterns for visitors on hankies or any garment presented to them. A few to name are Ms Sheena, Ms Thangamma and Ms Thresa. Mr Joseph makes model boats and Chinese fishing nets and very enthusiastically explains the different boats to you. Ms Susamma and Lovejin transform dried coconut husk into handy wine bottle holders and flower vases.

Visual Arts:Kerala as a state is rich in ancient visual art forms that require a high degree of dexterity and skill. Many Indian classical dance forms have originated here. Kumbalanghi has its fair share of dance troupes and the hosts can organise a performance for you.

Chavittunadakam is a vigorous foot stomping dance done by men with elaborate costumes that dates back some 400 years. Thiruvathira is the harvest dance, done by women wearing the traditional ivory coloured mundus. It is performed around a lamp and is a series of gentle movements. Parisumuttukali is a valorous energetic dance performed by young men with a sword and shield in their hands.
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