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The village has consciously refrained from urbanization so as to preserve the unique eco-system. Consequently, home stays that offer a real experience of the village environs offer a great alternative to hotels and resorts. The list given below is in alphabetical order with the contact name and telephone. The tariff ranges from Rs.900 to Rs.3000 per person per day.

Alex Homestay, Mr Roly Alex, +91-484-2240065

Belle Homestay, Mr M K Augustine, +91-484-2240025

Chekyamuril Heritage, Mr Augustine Paul, +91-484-2240288

Gramam Homestay, Mr Jos Byju Naduveli, +91-484-2240278

Green Nest, Mr P R Anthony, +91-484-2282930

Green Planet, Mr Damien, +91-484-2240171

Kallancherry Retreat, Mr P R Lawrence, +91-484-2240564, +91-98474-46683

Kannankeril Homestay Lt K P Job, +91-484-2240162

Kayal Theeram, Mr Johnson Sony, +91-484-2240031 +91-9846154762

Lovedale, Dr Sebastian, +91-484-2240071 Loveshore Backwater Homestay, Mr A A Jude, +91-484-2248138 +91-98956-05201

Majesty Homestay, Mr Joshy, +91-484-2240259 +91-98475-07139

Michael's Land Resort, Mr T M Louis, +91-484-2248075 +91-93498-85805 +91-93492-47899

Padippurathu Homestay, Mr Toji Thomas, +91-484-2240528 +91-98472-76109

Padippurathu Farm, Mr Rileesh, +91-484-2240560 +91-98957-90171

Parvathy Homestay, Mr T P Sajivan, +91-484-2248198 +91-94477-48198

Pooja Homestay, Mr T P Joshy, +91-484-2240056

Samson's Homestay, Mr Samson Agnola, +91-93871-61406

Sangam Homestay, Mr Joseph, +91-94462-07557

Saroja Homestay, Mr T P Sateesh, +91-484-2240501 +91-93886-40501

Snehatheeram Homestay, Mr Sunil Raj, +91-98955-80696

Tharavadu Homestay,Mr T P Saju, +91-484-2240066, +91-94959-40066,

West Wind Homestay, Mr Jojo, +91-92875-72439
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