“Contemplate upon the beauties of the earth, and you shall find mine to be no less than the finest of them all…”

The concepts of 'beauty' are as countless as those that behold it; even so, there is a fair chance of a consensus when the beauty in question is of a divine kind. ..the kind that gives solace to every seeker. Kumbalanghi is one such beautiful instance. A fishing island, just off the mainland of Kochi city in Kerala, it promises a natural, virgin world of overwhelming simplicities.

The National Geographic Magazine refers to Kerala as one of the fifty must see destinations of the world. And the village of Kumbalanghi is a jewel in Kerala's crown. In fact, this village was selected as a model tourism village by the Government of India owing to its unique facets, especially the socio-ecological harmony.

Aesthetically, it is perfect! No matter where you turn, there is an immaculate view in sight... be it the expanse of the Vembanad Lake, the vast stretch of backwaters, a variety of mangroves, the chequered paddy fields, dense coconut plantations or the inspiring sunrise and soothing sunset. Scratch the surface, and the 'laid back holiday with a view' gives away to a lively dialogue with the people and the environs.

Crafts, visual arts, nature, cuisine and hospitality - this village is a matrix for a utopian holiday. On the itinerary are country boat cruises, opportunities to witness and partake in traditional occupations such as indigenous fishing, crab farming, prawn culture, coir making and boat building as well as feasting with the warm and friendly village folk and learning how to cook the appeasing fare...and many such novelties.
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