Explore Karaikudi village, known for its fabulous mansions, temples and craftsmanship. Besides, there are many places to see around in the radius of 20 km of the village.

Places to see around Karaikudi

Athangudi (8km): Known for hand-made tiles. Visiting a tile company and seeing the magic of the sand being converted into a tile, is a wonder. The magic is possible because of the Athangudi sand and glass.

Pillaiyarpatti (16km): The Karpaga Vinayakar Temple here is the most famous of the nine clan temples of the Chettinad families, the six feet Vinayaka and the temple is an example of the stone sculpture.

Devakottai (18km): Famous both for the Devakottai chicken and as the region's second largest town. Its streets are lined with old Chettinad mansions; the most famous being Periya Minor's Veedu, complete with Spanish tiled roof, Italian floor tiles and carved teak pillars.

Chettinadu (15km): The Raja's palace of Chettinad is its pride. At Kanadukaathan, the Chettinad Mansion, museum next door to the Raja's palace is yet another attraction. No one should miss the railway station, which has the Raja's special waiting room Also interesting to see is the Chettinad museum, which has found its abode in an old converted house. It showcases traditional jewellery, textiles, household implements and utensils, and all other unique lifestyle products of the Chettiars.

The main attractions are the huge country homes of the Chettiars . These ancestral houses, that were built more than 100 years ago, have massive high walled structures and are decorated with the finest of wood and craftsmanship. They are packed with imported period furniture, chandeliers, curios and paintings. Dramatic in scale, at times these homes stretches across two streets, with the front door opening into the first street and the back into the second.

Among temples, the must see is the Meenakshi Sundereshwar Temple, also known as Sivan Temple, famous for its unique architecture. Located about 12 kms from Karaikudi on the Karaikudi Madurai road, this rock-cut temple is about 1600 years old. You can have a great time exploring the exquisite Chettinad woodcarving, silver embellishment, woven saris, palm-leaf baskets, gold jewellery, handmade tiles, architectural styling, and egg plastering.
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