Cuisine: Karaikudi holds the secrets to the 'simply terrific' Chettinad cuisine. The perfectionist streak of the Chettiars is to be sampled in their food repertoire. No doubt about the exceptional vegetarian fare, however it is the famed non-vegetarian fare that bestows a pleasure beyond any measure!

Ranging from the ubiquitous chicken and mutton to rather exotic forest food such as dove, quail, gowthari and duck - this food haven is a must on the list of the 'top five world destinations for a food connoisseur'! Liberal use of oil and spices is typical, and this cuisine is not for the meek! Some must trys are Pallatur Mutton Masala, Madurai Malli Chicken, Appu Karuvattu Thokku (made from dry fish), Viral fish fry and Nattu Kozhi Milagu Varuval.

Apart from being highly flavoursome, the cuisine is also famous for its splendid range; it includes noodle-like dishes, carefully preserved sun-dried legumes and berries that the Chettiar ladies make into curries. Rice is the mainstay of every meal.
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