Rice and fresh water fish is the staple food. Hilsa fish is a delicacy here. During winters Makki ki roti and Sarson kaa Saag is a delicacy here.

Cuisine: Visitors can enjoy farm fresh products like Bhutta (roasted corn), sugarcane, and seasonal fruits. Rice and fresh water fish is the staple food; Hilsa fish being a local most popular. During winters, Makki ki roti (bread made out of corn flour) and Sarson ka Saag (ground mustard leaves cooked to perfection) is the traditional delicacsy. Baajra Khichdi (a crude rice dish made with local grain).

Festivals: Gita Jayanti is a week long celebration commemorating the manifestation of the scripture. Devotees recite the Gita, perform aartis and offer 'deep daan' (offering light in the form of oil lamps) at the sarovars. The festival is held at the end of November.
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