A place of significant and extensive spiritual import, Jageshwar is home to many ancient temples within the historic Jageshwar Dham Temple complex that dates back to 11th century AD. The temple complex has 124 finely crafted stone temples and hundreds of statues noted for exquisite craftsmanship, with many preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

The important temples are the Jagnath temple, Mahamritunjaya Temple, Nav Durga Temple, Pushti Devi Temple, Shri Kedarnath Temple, Kuber Temple, Dandeshwar Temple, Vriddh Jageshwar, Koteshwar, Jhankar Saim Temple etc; amongst which the oldest is the Mrityunjaya Temple and the biggest is the Dandeshwar Temple.

A 3 km climb to Vridha Jageshwar on the high ridge above provides a panoramic view of the snow peaks surrounding Nanda Devi, the presiding deity of Kumaon and Garhwal.

A 10 km trek to Shokiathal and Mirtola Ashram, a center of spiritual and natural beauty, beckons many visitors.

The Ashram is constructed around a Shiva Temple with the name Uttar Vrindavan. The other attractions are Brahma Kund, Airawat Cave, King Deep Chandra's statue, the scenic deodar forest with its ancient trees such as the Panch Pandava tree, which comprises five tall deodar trees coalescing at the trunk!
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