The best way to peep into a bucolic ambience of Durgapur is by walking in the soothing environs. The village has three fishing ponds and the fishermen are adept at traditional fishing practices, which are unique to this part of the world.

Tea plantations form a green blanket complementing the gentleness of the hills and Nizori, a small stream bordering the village. Eri and Muga silk plantations, and betel nut plantations are not to be found in such abundance elsewhere in the world.

An interactive experience by way of a Village Tour This is a daily tour undertaken from October to April, which is the period when the Kaziranga National Park, World Heritage Site, is open to tourists. The daily tour timing is 1100 hours to 1400 hours. Customised packages of longer duration are also available.

The tour comprises a traditional welcome; weaving trail and interaction with artisans working on traditional looms; performances of Satria and folk Bihu dance and music; traditional Asomiya dishes that are cooked and served the traditional way; visit to the Naam Ghar - the central place of worship where village women congregate daily to render devotional songs and also an institution for village governance; traditional games and sports; shopping of souvenirs from the craft outlet and visit to Dhun Pech, the craft haat (market) .
is facilitated by local Sakhas (youth guides).
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