Chougan is in the vicinity of the world-famous Kanha National Park, which constitutes 995 sq. km. of dense, reserved forest with the world's largest tiger population.

The memoirs of Gondwana kingdom and a number of pilgrim spots are located within 20 km radius of the site. The heritage monuments dating back to the glorious Gond kingdom are important centers of tribal pilgrimage.

Magical views of black rocks while approaching the Kala Pahad (Black Mountain range) bring to life several myths. Adventure tourists can seek out their ideal tracks on a day long tour. Those familiar with Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' will be reminded of the hill top from where Mowglie and his friends would watch the valley underneath.

Tourists who are interested in an unusual adventure can join the local honey harvesting groups, who traditionally harvest honey in the dense forest after sunset. The Mandla Fort is also a point of attraction, and is visible from the banks of river Narmada. The other places of tourist interest are Sahastradhara, Narmada Hot Springs and Ghughua National Fossil Park.

The sacred Tribal seat, Madhiyaji, is located in the heartland of Chougan. The tribal sect called Panda has the hereditary authority of the seat. During the months of June to September, agricultural activities are at their peak. Farmers of Chougan still continue with traditional farming methods. Interested tourists can learn how natural resources are used in a sustainable manner.

The rich rural life, coupled with the art and culture of the Baiga and the Gond tribes, expressed in their traditional rituals, is an enchanting experience for visitors. Watching the sunrise in the backdrop of fog covered hills, and the sunset reflecting on the glistening waters of river Narmada are unforgettable sights, best viewed between November and January.
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