“Fancy my wild heart, for it is pure and boundless. It knows how to give unsparingly, to share eagerly, and to reveal naturally…”

The village that inspired Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' lives up to its fame! Excitement here hovers on forest trees with the honeycombs. 'Bee adventurous' and accompany the tribal youth on an expedition to harvest honey. In the hush of the night, witness them collect honeycombs by slithering up long ropes suspended from trees. Add to this a sweet finale of tasting honey fresh out of the honeycomb… a taste you shall cherish forever!

This picturesque tribal settlement with the Baiga and Gond communities Chougan is home to 100 households of Baigas, Gonds and a few Yadav families, which are spread across neighbouring hamlets. Baiga and the Gond tribes live in their original setting till today. Their lifestyle, culture and traditions, art, values, religion, rituals, folk dances, handicrafts, tattoos etc make up for one-of-a-kind experience. They are dependent on farming and forest produce. Living in complete harmony with nature, the Baigas possess a wealth of knowledge in magical herbs, fauna and flora., is situated close to the popular Kanha National Park, on the edge of the river Narmada. Historical monuments, located along the river, are centers for tribal pilgrimage as well. Tribal culture, heritage, natural endowments are inimitable in every aspect. Human life and rhythms of nature are in perfect unison, and Chougan displays a natural affinity to nature even in its unusual wood craft.
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