Chitrakote will appeal to nature buffs who have a thirst for the outdoors, be it watching wildlife or waterfalls, or delving into the culture of the tribal hotspot of India. Adventure revolves around the waterfalls - try boating, fishing or angling. Take a closer look at the falls on board a boat - the cool draft of water vapour on the face, view of the cliffs and the sheer proximity to the mighty cascading waters - promises an unforgettable thrill.

With a local Kuruk fisherman as a guide, cast your line walking along the bank of the waterfall lake or sitting in a local dugout canoe, or fish under the cool shade of a Kahua tree. Any which way, you are in for a great time as the waters are teeming with mighty Mahaseer and sports fishes like Carnatic carp, Rohu, Mirgal, Katla, Calbosu etc.

Unique biodiversity is another feather in Bastar's cap. A colony of nearly a thousand flying foxes (Fruit bats) is sheltered in the branches of two huge Kahua trees, and a variety of birds can be seen near the waterfall including Rock Pigeon, King fishers, Cormorants, Wagtails etc. Reptiles such as Cobra, Krait, Checkered keelback, water snakes, Crocodiles, Water monitor lizards may be spotted too.
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