The most visited attraction is theMadhukeshwara Temple(Jog)The region is blessed with plenty of rainfall; as a result rivers are usually in full spate. When these rivers descend from the Western Ghats, they result in some spectacular and scenic waterfalls. The most famous of these is the Jog falls, one of the highest in Asia. There are also the Unchalli and the Magodu waterfalls, where you can have a picnic lunch and listen to the soothing sounds of water. dedicated to Lord Shiva. With a blend of different architectural styles, the temple provides a real treat to the admirers of architecture, apart from the devout. Striking features include the seven-foot huge Nandi idol made of a single stone, splendid monolithic stone works like the stone couch and the Triloka Mantapa depicting heaven, earth and the nether world, amongst others. Several other temples dot the village.

Take a walk or cycle around the ancient wall of Banavasi and the surrounding moat dated back more than a thousand years. The ASI is setting up an exhibition of the findings of their excavations in and around Banavasi, which will give the visitor historical insights into this region.

There are many Jain icons and temples in and around Banavasi that can be explored, especially Asthana Mantapa and Triloka Mantapa in Sirsi. Apart from visiting ancient temples, visit sacred groves where the bio-diversity lies untouched and waterfalls such as those at Jog Falls (one of the highest in Asia), nature spots such as Honnemarudu and the Gudavi bird sanctuary which hosts thousands of birds each year.

The Gudnapura lake, sprawling across 100 acres, comes alive every December-January during the Kadamba Festival when the water sports rev up. If you are interested in bird watching, then Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, a small seasoned lake surrounded by moist deciduous forest, 12 kms away from Banavasi would be a riveting experience.

Blessed with plenty of rainfall, agriculture abounds around Banavasi. The neatly laid out banana and areca nut plantations or the chequered rice fields offer ample shade for a leisurely picnic. After spending a day wandering around Banavasi, explore the region around. Itineraries have been prepared by the Village Tourism Committee for a 75km radius around Banavasi.
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