Cuisine: Come to Banavasi for its simple yet wide ranging cuisine! 'Khanavalis' or small eateries in Banavasi serve up hot, delicious food with a warm smile. There are several breads made of rice, jowar and corn as well as rice served with a variety of sweet, sour, pungent and spicy curries and sauces. Accompanying the meal is a wide range of fresh powders and chutneys made of lentils, chillies, tamarind, oil cake etc.

Pineapple is the specialty at Banavasi. A book of recipes using pineapple is available for purchase. The monthly Pineapple Mela, held on the first weekend of every month, is a delicious affair. This is when a women's group in Banavasi come together to cook up a feast using pineapple as the main ingredient.

Festivals: The annual Car festival, Mahashivaratri, Lakshadeepotsava and Navaratri are some of the main religious and traditional events celebrated according to the Hindu calendar. The annual December cultural festival, Kadambothsav, organised by the state government, and features folk dancers, drama troupes, classical musicians, art exhibitions, while drawing together performers, artists, and writers from all of south India.

The Rath (Car) festival is held in the month of March, every year. Mahashivaratri, the birth day of Lord Shiva, falls in the month of February or March, and is celebrated in a big way at Madhukeshwara temple.

During Lakshadeepotsava, a divine scene created at the Madhukeshwara temple, when thousands of small diyas (lamps) are lit up by village people at temple premises. This festival is celebrated during the month of November or December.
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