The host community of Aranmula are local artisans and agriculturists; majority of Hindus intermingled with Christians. What is unique to Aranmula is the fact that for the village folk, art and culture is as inherent a part of their lives as food and water.

Cuisine : The staple food of the people of Kerala is rice, accompanied by a host of vegetables and a variety of pulses. The most enjoyed potages are 'Sambar' and 'Avayal'. Fish is common fair in the Malayalam cuisine.

Fairs and festivals :One of the most important events is the Aranmula Boat festival, locally called Pampa Palliyodam, which is connected with the annual Onam festival of Kerala. This 'Snake' Boat festival, held in late-August or September, has grown into an international event. It is commemorative of an ancient tradition rooted about 600 years in history i.e part of the anniversary celebrations of the 'Idol' installation at Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, believed to have been held centuries ago on the 1st calendar month of the Malayalam era. At present there are 42 villages, all along the bank of the river Pampa that own a boat and can participate in the race.

The birthday of Krishna falls on the eighth day after the full moon in August, when the star Rohini is sighted. This is celebrated in a grand manner here as Krishna is the main deity at several of the temples in the region. Most of the snake boats will come by river to worship at the Aranmula Parthasarathy temple; it is a fantastic sight.

The Kerala New Year called Vishu follows the solar calendar and usually occurs on 14th or 15th April. Most families start the New Year by opening their eyes to a decoration made the previous evening containing all things good and sweet such as pictures of Gods, gold, sweets, flowers, etc.

The festivity in the region is most heightened during the 72 days between November and January when the Sabarimala Temple (85 km from Aranmula) opens its gates for visitors. Given the large Christian population, Christmas and Easter are also celebrated with a lot of gaiety.
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