The non-traditional artisans of Anegundi are pioneers in new and innovative low-waste methods of banana fibre production, from which a variety of items for daily use and decorations are crafted. They make excellent souvenirs. Banana fibre craft and stone carvings are the most famous crafts of Anegundi. The other existing arts of the region are quilting, Lambadi embroidery, wood carvings, black pottery, traditional masonry and bamboo crafts. A new genre of jewellery has been crafted from beautiful teardrop-like white and dyed seeds.

Folk traditions: The region has rich folk performing traditions, which include Kolata, Hagalu Vesha - Burra Kathe, Rana Modi & Raja Modi, Bayalata, Kinnari Jogi, Devadasi, Deity Dance, Dasara Songs, Lambadi, Veshagare. Oral traditions include folk songs such as Suggi Padagalu, Sobane Padagalu, Gondali Aata, Malerayana Haad etc.
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