Kerala typifies the genre of enthralling dramatic performances, which apart from exhibiting the ingenious folk culture, also highlight the commitment of the present towards the continuation of traditional art forms. Enjoy traditional folk dances like Karagattam and Kolkali.

Drama, skill and poise all come into play in the Karagattam dance, as the men twist and turn in synchronised rhythmic movements and even manage acrobatics while balancing a vertical line of pots (karagams) on their head! Theyyam dance is another popular dance form of this region and is part of all major festivities.

The traditional sport of Vadamvalli (tug-of-war) is a popular sport celebrated with whole hearted enthusiasm by men, women and children alike; inter-village competitions are keenly contested and the Anakkara team is usually amongst the medals!

Anakkara has a couple of innovative craftsmen who make interesting items from roots, shoots, tree barks and pine cones.
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