“Follow my aroma and you shall discover rare and exotic treasures...”

Ever felt like'Alice in wonderland'? That lightness in the head, that bounce in the step, that ease in the stride, that joy in the heart...? Come to Anakkara and unravel life like never before! Anakkara is a magical parcel bursting at the seams... open it and you are held spellbound... Exotic culture and spices, fascinating people and landscapes have an entrancing effect. This is an experience for those who yearn for the unusual.

The village of Anakkara, situated at about 1200 m above sea level, and falling in the evergreen forest belt of the Western Ghats is a novelty to be experienced. The mist-clad hills and valleys; lush tropical vegetations; fragrant coffee, tea, pepper, vanilla and cardamom plantations lend Anakkara an exquisite and distinctive beauty. The spices grown in this region are in high demand because of their unique aroma, size, colour and quality.

What indeed is more exotic than living in the midst of a spice plantation! A guided walk in the spice and herbal gardens tingles the senses. Witness the mixed farming practices of villagers, hitchhike on a bullock cart, pick up organic spices, sip some mature coffee in a village coffee shop, lunch at a tree house with a stunning view, try out Ayurvedic treatments and preparations... surely there is not one dull moment here!
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